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Lavender Emotional Benefits 


Enjoy the emotional benefits of the Lavender plant. Move yourself into a state of balance and well being...Patrina Rutherford




Developing a passionate relationship with the  seemingly simple Lavender plant can result in a balanced depth of emotional self-care.This reigning beauty of medicinal folklore  will help you journey to a space of sacred bliss. 

When stepping into a lavender field expect to be overwhelmed with peace of mind and to be completely intoxicated with inspiration. This I know from experience. My eager anticipation of visiting a few local lavender fields was not even comparable to the  actual visit. My entire being was mesmerized. All of my senses were engaged in a choreography of delight. 

I could feel a gentle shift in my body as my  chakras began to align.  I was filled with a mission of telling everyone the joy this plant can bring to you when you invite her in through inhalation and visual stimulation.

 Being grateful allows you to stay in a state that removes emotional blocks from your goals. Diffusing Lavender is useful during your Gratitude journaling. It helps you to put things into proper perspective. We may not always understand "the why" in a present moment or situation. But there will be a time  in your future when the reason or the "why" is revealed to you.

Navigating gracefully during difficult times is challenging. The use of lavender in your favorite form is always willing to lend its encouraging loving light. 

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Embrace the fragrance of of the essential oil or the plant matter to release you from repetitive self-deprecating thought patterns. When faced with severe mood swings bring the elegance of her aroma into your physical space to bring emotional balance.

This full lush plant flourishes in the worst of conditions; from extreme heat to extreme cold she maintains her standing as the most versatile plant medicine in the Plant Kingdom. This quality of overcoming environmental fluctuations is shared with you when you are distraught and can't discern the proper steps to implement. Whether you choose to apply a lavender perfume oil, diffuse lavender into the air or smudge with her stems she helps calm your thoughts. 




A Few Emotional Benefits of Lavender
  • Restores Emotional Balance
  • Uplifting when feeling low
  • Helps cleanse negativity
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Helps assist in staying in the present moment
  • Calms anxiety
  • Eases tension
  • Helps you integrate spirituality into your daily  routine
  • Comforting
  • Stabilizes emotions of the heart Chakra
  • Enhances compassion
  • Energizing


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