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    Inhaling Essential Oils


The most recognized method of using essential oils is inhalation, of course. There are various ways to benefit from the inhalation method and many techniques to get the molecules of the oils into the air. Here are just a few that we have used in the Spa/Salon and at home. (Please note that these tips are an excerpt from my book and not complete articles. Thank you, Patrina)



Out of The Bottle  
  •  Just uncap your bottle, holding it about chin level , allow the essential oil aroma to come to you and gently inhale.
  • Essential oils are about 100X stronger than their dried herb so the aroma will be very strong. Their aroma is normally diluted when the oil is blended to 0.5 to 2.5 % when used in perfumes, lotions and massage oils.
  • Soooo Smell them Gently






Diffuser: Electric  
  • This is a cool or forced air diffusing system. that requires no heat or flame or water. It helps maintain the integrity and strength of the oils without subjecting them to heat. And may be a safe alternative to oil warmers ( burners) as there is no flame to worry about.
  •  Add 2- 15 total drops of the essential oil or oils of your choice to the diffuser pad and  place in the diffuser.
  • The amount of drops you use depends on the strength of the oils and the size of the room you are diffusing into.







Oil Warmer with Tea Light Candle

  • Place a tealite candle in the base of your warmer.
  • Fill the bowl with water
  • Add 2- 15 total drops of the essential oil or oils of your choice.
  • The amount of drops you use depends on the strength of the oils and the size of the room you are diffusing into.



Diffuser: Passive        
  •  Passive diffusion is, well, passive. It does not require heat, flames, electricity.
  • PotPourri: Add a few drops to Twilight Fragrance-Free potpourri or make your own potpourri by drying and dehydrating leaves, nut shells, twigs, flowers, etc from your garden or from a walk in the forrest.
  • Flower Vase: Add a drop or 2 to the water in the vase you have flowers in . This is great for people who are sensitive to smells as it is highly diluted. Does not alter the fragrance of the flowers if you use minimum drops.





  •  Of course you can make your own candles, but if you do not have the time or inclination try this:  Light a tealite (this works best), allow it to burn until a pool of melted wax forms, extinguish the flame, add 2 to 5 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend.
  • For a Meditation Mini Taper: add a drop or 2 of essential oil to a cotton ball and apply to the length of the candle. (save the cotton ball to inhale during meditaiton) 



Facial Steam  
  •  Fill the reservoir with water according to the manufacturers directions
  • Turn unit on
  • Add 1 or 2  drop of your chosen essential oil.
  • The unit will heat allowing the steam to carry the essential oils into the air
  • Place your face above the fitting for your face leaving ample room for steam to escape around the unit in order to prevent your skin from becoming to hot
  • Steam for about 5 to 10 minutes
  • Allow your skin to cool
  • Gently splash or mist with cool (not cold) water
  • Leaving the skin slightly moist apply your Twilight FF Lotion or #591 Age Defying skin treatment.
  • TIPS:
    • Eucalyptus helps clarify the skin and improve breathing,calm anger
    • Lavender helps improves the texture of the skin while promoting relaxation
    • Tea Tree helps clear acne





Humidifier/ Vaporizer    

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