December 12, 2018 @ 8:53 AM


The Season of Frankincense is usually associated with the Three Wise Men gifting the Holy Family with this nurturing and healing resin.


One of the most famous presents gifted to a newborn was bestowed upon the Holy Family at the birth of Christ.

This treasure was Frankincense. On the night of Christ's birth the Three Magi saw a mysterious light that appeared in the sky. This light became a luminous star (see Matthew 2:1,2). The light persisted in the western heavens and the wise men turned to the sacred scrolls. They were convinced the light was guiding them to the Messiah.


They gathered exquisite items and gifts that were fit for a king and beneficial to each member of The Holy Family and began their journey.

The relief and excitement Mother Mary must have had when this mystically healing resin was  brought to her by Three .........

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