October 12, 2018 @ 10:42 AM


The ritual of smudging was originally performed for healing purposes by priests and priestesses. There are many indigenous ceremonial variations however, the honorable intentions are the same. Healing. Healing the heart, mind, body, spirit and home. Learn the 7 steps for clearing the energy in you home.

A big Thank You to Cindy Ella Rhodes for this gorgeous Artwork. 
Huge gratitude to Steffanie Pinner for the Photography/Artwork! 



I anxiously opened the new shipment  slicing through the tape ever so carefully so as not to harm the contents of the box. Once open, the aromatic molecules were released, filling the room and my heart  with only goodness. 


Inhaling the blended scents of braided sweetgrass, desert sage and baby white sage with a touch of lavender stems transported my mind to cultural ceremonies of long ago.


The fragrant visions spoke to me of traditional rituals designed to provide peace of mind and healing, when used properly. I was provided a magical .........

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