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May 13, 2017 @ 3:37 PM


We are celebrating the essential oil of Tea Tree this month on our Twilight Therapy  product site!



There are so many uses of tea tree oil that it is usually referred to as First Aid In A Bottle.

It best to use all essential oils diluted in a carrier. However, Tea Tree is one of the few essential oils that has been used neat or directly on the skin. Directly to the skin in small isolated areas such as an insect bite, minor cut or abrasion, bruises. It is not to be applied over large areas of the skin.



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May 4, 2017 @ 7:53 PM

Tea Tree oil is known as first aid in a bottle.


The scientists on the expedition stood in a grove of trees that reached  about 22 feet high. The sticky aromatic leaves were being used by the aborigines of the coastal region of New South Wales to brew a spicy tea.

Lieutenant James Cook who later became Captain Cook gave the trees the nickname "tea tree" because the locals would brew the leaves and drink the concoction for all types of wellness disorders.


 Joseph Banks , a young botanist in 1770 ,  and his team collected samples of the leaves to bring them back to England aboard the H.M.S Endeavor.

  • The trees were an important part of Nature's remedies for the ......
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