April 17, 2023 @ 12:13 PM


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2023 Spring Energy Clearing




My yard is bursting with pink azaleas announcing that Spring is here! The awesome beauty of spring encourages us to take inventory of the spaces where we spend most of our time. Our bodies may also require a vibrational boost, as transitions can sometimes be exhausting.

It's time for the rituals of Spring Clearing to commence.

Spring energy clearing is a practice of clearing out negative or stagnant energy from your home, yourself and your personal space. This can be done through various methods such as burning sage, using essential oils, or playing calming music, to name a few. The goal is to create a fresh and positive environment to promote well-being and clarity of mind.

The phrase "Go Smudge Yourself" is a fabulous idea most anytime of the day you are feeling discombobulated, frustrated or blah. You will want to clear your own energy firld before smudging your home. You may carry emotional attachments and worries with you without even being aware of them.

Declutter your mind with a little breathwork before you begin. You can simply sit quietly and observe your breath as it moves gently  through your body (See our Spacific Meditations Module). You may want to try Alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana) which helps to calm stress and sharpen your concentration. Or simply sit in stillness.

Follow your intuition and do what works best for you. 






Take a cleansing breath and say a little prayer, mantra, affirmation or poem for the releasing of any emotion or thoughts that cause you unease.

Light the end your smudge bundle and wait for a small flame to burn.

 Gently blow the flame out or let it go out on its own and allow the smudge to smolder.

From your feet to your head move the sage around and up your body as the smoke billows all around you. Make sure you smudge your arms and hands. Ensure the smoke is moved behind you as well as in front of you.

Extinguish the smoldering smudge in a dish of sand when finished.

Take another cleansing breath and feel the peace surrounding you. Use a closing word, phrase, affirmation, or mantra such as Amen, Aho, So It Is, Namaste, It Is Done. Whichever phrase or collection of phrases resonates with you.







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