March 10, 2019 @ 12:32 PM


The protective power of eucalyptus oil helps support a sense of spirituality. It strengthens the defensive chi energy that surrounds and flows through everything.


The protective power of eucalyptus oil helps support you sense of spirituality. It strengthens the defensive chi energy that surrounds and flows through everything. It is considered a messenger oil in Chinese herbal medicine. Eucalyptus acts as a guide, as this oil directs the action of synergies and blends of other essential oils. Most of this action is directed to the lungs.


The study and control of the breath has been used for centuries to assist us in healing and meditation. Eucalyptus oil promotes deep breathing, opening and clearing the chest allowing oxygen to be carried deeper into the lungs.  The breath and eucalyptus help to ease frustration and calm anger. It is important to become aware of your breath during still meditations or moving meditations such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung or Yoga. The deeper breathing allows you to move into a more tranquil state of prayer and meditation. 


The oil works together with the breath to sharpen the senses and lift the emotions out of depressive states. This expansive state of awareness helps you to connect to your intentions to your higher power, prioritize, and make plans and move forward with them.


The eucalyptus tree, being a survivor of poor soil, dry spells and fire produces an oil that strengthens our ability to overcome difficult times. If you have been through emotional chaos or traumatic events this oil can help you recover and restore your mind to balance.


Inhaling this enchanting oil creates an emotional “opening of the chest” effect. This “opening is empowering to those who feel trapped in a mindset. It encourages the awareness to expand and look at things from a different perspective. It relieves the suffocating feeling of being stuck and gives your mind the freedom to explore itself.


The phrase “opens the chest” or opens the heart chakra is unique to each individual. I like to compare it to the warm fuzzy feeling you get in the heart area of your chest when holding your new pet kitten or puppy. The unconditional love and trust that a tiny pet gives you without you having to earn it is powerful and gracious.



Enhance Your Spiritual Practice With Eucalyptus
Apply diluted oil to the base of your skull or the heart chakra to calm overwhelm, anger or frustration.


Diffuse in an oil warmer. Add 1-5 drops (depending on the size of the room) to the bowl that has been filled with water. Light your tealite and allow the steam to carry the soothing aroma into the air.


Make shower melts using eucalytpus. They  dissolve in the steam of the shower releasing their fragrant, healing molecules into the air.  Click over to see the How To Make Shower Melts Video   replace the lemongrass and ravensara with Eucalyptus.







Eucalyptus Oil in our studio Twilight Therapy