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The Season of Frankincense is usually associated with the Three Wise Men gifting the Holy Family with this nurturing and healing resin.


One of the most famous presents gifted to a newborn was bestowed upon the Holy Family at the birth of Christ.

This treasure was Frankincense. On the night of Christ's birth the Three Magi saw a mysterious light that appeared in the sky. This light became a luminous star (see Matthew 2:1,2). The light persisted in the western heavens and the wise men turned to the sacred scrolls. They were convinced the light was guiding them to the Messiah.


They gathered exquisite items and gifts that were fit for a king and beneficial to each member of The Holy Family and began their journey.

The relief and excitement Mother Mary must have had when this mystically healing resin was  brought to her by Three Wise Men. The beauty of the gift for her, Joseph and her newborn baby was truly more precious than gold. These highly intelligent men brought Mary medicine for her family, cosmetics, skincare, and relief from the after pains of childbirth in the form of the multi-functional frankincense resin. 

Joseph was probably thrilled also, since this priceless plant matter would help to balance his wife's hormone system and and help alleviate postpartum depression.

It's ability to calm and soothe the nervous system was imperative for this newly formed family. Their life path had been altered and filled with doubt and uncertainty.  





During the Season of Frankincense, the holiday season, you can also embrace the many fine healing properties of this powerful plant medicine. Whether you choose to burn the tears or utilize the many techniques available to you by using the essential oil, you will want to keep this precious at hand all year.


Spiritual Benefits

Frankincense helps you release the past and accept new plans in your life. It is gently tranquilizing  and  helps reduce the thought storms that create doubt  and fear about your future. During meditation the aromatic resin creates a sacred space while improving  your connection to Divine wisdom.

Frankincense helps harmonize and bring into balance the material world and the subtle realms. It strengthens the belief in yourself and God.

Affirmations you might want to incorporate in your mediation practice or while diffusing or wearing the fragrance of frankincense:


(1) I am at peace within each moment. 

(2) My mind is calm and connected to the Divine.

(3) I am grateful for the spirit of breath.


Physical Benefits

A new Mother's main concern is protecting her child and family from illness carried by visitors  who are so excited to welcome the newborn into this world. Frankincense has anti-bacterial and  anti-infectious properties. Its analgesic action helps  reduce mild pain.

In skin care, diluted frankincense oil helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has also been used in full body massage and may minimize stretch marks.

The expectorant properties make the oil useful for bronchitis and asthma. It helps promote deep breathing and is helpful in cases of sinusitis and laryngitis. 


Psychological Benefits

Exhaustion and fatigue can cause irritability,when suppressed can lead to depression. Frankincense stabilizes the emotions and is being researched for its effects on the hypothalamus part of the brain which controls emotional responses.It is still used in many ceremonies to soften the overwhelming feelings of grief.




Frankincense can enhance your life throughout the year in so many wonderful ways. Whether you use the magic of burning the resin (tears) to create sacred space or the powerful essential oil in your skincare your life will be uplifted. 

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