May 4, 2017 @ 7:53 PM

Tea Tree oil is known as first aid in a bottle.


The scientists on the expedition stood in a grove of trees that reached  about 22 feet high. The sticky aromatic leaves were being used by the aborigines of the coastal region of New South Wales to brew a spicy tea.

Lieutenant James Cook who later became Captain Cook gave the trees the nickname "tea tree" because the locals would brew the leaves and drink the concoction for all types of wellness disorders.


 Joseph Banks , a young botanist in 1770 ,  and his team collected samples of the leaves to bring them back to England aboard the H.M.S Endeavor.

  • The trees were an important part of Nature's remedies for the people indigenous to the area. It was used for headaches, cuts, burns, insect bites, colds and coughs just to name a few.
  • The plant would be an important commodity in the future. The oil would play a role during  WWII as standard issue in first aid kits for the Army and Naval units in tropical areas. It would also be the catalyst of a major hair care company in the 1980's.
  • The essential oil of tea tree was studied by Dr. Penfold in 1923. He found the oil to be 13 times stronger as an antiseptic bactericide than carbolic acid ( from Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide by Cynthia Olsen)
  • Tea Tree oil has so many therapeutic properties it is known as First Aid In A Bottle.



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Botanical Name Melaleuca Alternifolia
Country of Origin Australia
Note Top/Middle
 Possible Contraindications  No known
 History&/or Myth  Used for wound healing in WW ll, Aboriginal people of Australia used to ward off both spiritual as well as medical ailments
 Vintage uses being researched for  as an anti fungal, wound healing, shingles, aching smell feet, itchy scalp, ticks, fleas, wound healing, gingivitis, bad breath
 Mystical  Uplifting builds confidence
 Psychological/Spiritual  Promotes a positive outlook, helps ease fatigue
 Hair & Skincare
  (diluted .5% to 2.5%)
  •  itchy scalp
  • dandruff
  • head lice
  • acne
  • after shave for soothing
  • chapped lips
  • cold sores
  • styes
  • balances skin
  • nail fungus
  • nail stains
  • bikini waxing
  • cradle cap
  • diaper rash
  • heat rash
  • ecxema
Body Care
  •  ticks
  • arthritis
  • bruises
  • muscle aches & pain
  • ringworm
  • warts
  • athletes foot
  • blisters
  • coughs
  • thrush
  • laryngitis
  • sore throat
  • gingivitis
  • toothache




Tea tree Oil has been used for dental care in Australia for years. No need to purchase a

tea tree oil toothpaste if you can add it yourself.

  1. Adding a drop to your toothbrush after brushing helps control the growth of bacteria.
  2. Tea trees helps fight gingivitis.
  3. Helps heal poison ivy or poison oak rash
  4. Great for blisters
  5. Fire ant bites
  6. minor cuts
  7. Cradle cap- add 1 drop to 4 ounces Fragrance-Free Shampoo
  8. Muscle aches and pain. Add 5 drops in 1 Tablespoon of Twilight  Sea Salt to bathwater