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Diffusing Essential Oils

Passive and Active  Diffusers

I want to share with you a few ways to get those little molecules from the essential oil into the air. And why would you want to do this other than the beautiful fragrance it allows to linger in our personal  space?



Those tiny odoriferous molecules have been researched for their ability to improve air quality by helping to destroy airborne germs. Many essential oils are diffused throughout the home and workplace as a precautionary measure during cold and flu season.


They have also been accused of helping to balance your emotions and improve the immune system. You will be able to match the oils  to diffuse  with the needs or function of the  room or space they are used.


Diffusing can be accomplished in many ways. The main techniques are referred to as Passive and Active diffusion. Passive diffusing requires no energy such as a candle flame or electricity. This method reduces any safety issues when there ae pets and small children around. Active diffusion requires an energy source. A lit candle  creates heat to warm  up water for the oils essence to be released through steam when using an oil warmer. There are also warmers, fan diffusers, nebulizers and humidifiers requiring electricity.


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Potpourri as a Passive Diffuser

Adding an essential oils or blend of oils to a seasonally colored dish of potpourri is a cheerful and subtle was to add color and aroma to your room.

Adding an essential oil or blend of oils to seasonally colored potpourri is a cheerful and subtle way to add color and aroma to your room.  Envision a blend of oils for concentration added to a small dish of an organic mixture of herbs and flowers, that you have collected on your nature walks or in your own garden, evoking a smile to your day as you work. Tossing the herbal concoction gently with your fingers releases the aroma as you simply walk by or are deep in thought at your desk.


You may want to choose oils that help in concentration and memory while at your desk such as Lemon, Lemongrass or Rosemary. For a peaceful quiet area you may choose Lavender, Roman Chamomile or Sage.

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Allow yourself to be creative when choosing a medium as your passive diffuser. Here are few more examples.




 Other Passive Diffuser Ideas



Scented Paper: Handwriting a special note to a friend is a wonderful art form to embrace. Turning it into an aromatherapy message increases the power of your words. Their memory of the note may be everlasting as the drop of joyful essential oil escapes the envelope upon opening.



Vase of Flowers: This is a fun technique that allows the essential oils to be released into the air through the flowers. Just add about 3-5 drops in a vase of water. I have found that this amount does not alter the scent of the flowers much and it extends the life of some cut flowers.



Water Bowl

Terra Cotta



Cotton Pads or Balls

Necklace Pendants



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