October 13, 2020 @ 1:02 PM

Morning Autumn Routine

 Perfect Time to Raise Your Frequencies



We begin our transit into the darkness at the Autumn Equinox. The delights of the second harvest, also called Mabon, tap us on the shoulder with a morning chill in the air. The temperature teases us with fluctuations of warm and cool as we are taken deep into our annual journey of self discovery.

 Even my precious fur babies recognize the difference. They tend to hold onto their slumber a little longer not bothering to wake me.

You may be prepared to welcome slight changes in your life. Maybe a couple of different tiny rituals as the morning chill sets in.


I have watched videos and read about many other people's  morning routines.  They often left me with feelings of inadequacy. How can one possibly be so productive THAT early in the morning?  They seem to be super consistent. Then I realized part of my morning routine was watching theirs.

When did this happen? Well, it happened because tiny little repetitive behaviors become routine.

I need to change this behavior!


So I delved into memories of my favorite mornings. Take a look at your personal mini-rituals with appreciation. You may want to add a thing or two that resonate with the Fall just to make your mornings even more precious. 

Choose something that is not overwhelming. Something that you say to yourself "I can do this."


My routines and spa rituals have shifted and changed along with my life alterations.


My mornings are not quite as strict as they were when I worked in the salon with my clients, my hair family. Working from home, developing classes and meditations, can have many distractions. One of those is the longing to stay beneath my cozy blankets a little longer in the cooler weather.


Here  are a few of  some of the things I enhance with my mornings with. I thought you might like to try also. Just adding 1 tiny routine or ritual that you love can dial your mood to positive for the rest of the day. 

Have a Happy Morning!
~ Patrina ~






Morning Autumn Routine Ideas


Gratitude Journal

The most endearing habit I have in my life is writing in my gratitude journal. The ritual of handwriting every morning has rescued my sanity many times.  My most recent change is  switching to evening gratitude journaling during the heat of summer. Now that Autumn is here I prefer to write 10 things I am grateful for each morning.  At the request of my clients, I created a 31 day free "Gratitude Experience" There is a different prompt for each day. It acts like an accountability partner.


Linen Mist

After making sure I'm not going to step on any of my cats laying next to my bed I lay the covers back and mist the sheets with my organic linen spray. I customize a slightly different mist  myself for each season. This time of year I love the gentle sweetness of a touch of Rose or a bit of relaxing Bergamot. I believe in multi-functional products so I use this as an after-shower mist also.


(Unfortunately the formulas I created for 2020 are unavailable until further notice. There is a plastic  bottle shortage for small businesses  in the essential oil industry due to COVID-19)


 3-Minute Crystal  Affirmation Meditation

Some of my most favorite crystals for fall are Mookite, Mugglestone, Carnelian and Tiger's Eye. They contain so many of the vibrant fall colors.  Of course you have your favorites so choose whichever crystal calls to you for this short meditation. Amethyst, the stone of peace, is another of my favorites. Setting up a tiny grid or just holding your crystals while you practice Breath Awareness will enhance your day.

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Walk Barefoot On The Earth 

This is referred to as Earthing or Grounding. Some of us live in very warm climates where we can still walk barefoot in the morning even in the winter. I know that  is probably not going to happen here in North Carolina. So each morning in the fall I walk outside for just a few minutes with Oliver,  our little dog. He's happy I am taking my time recharging my energy for the rest of the day.

Dry Body Brushing

Dry body brushing is a treatment that everyone enjoyed in the salon. This is something you can do everyday to keep your skin exfoliated and glowing. It helps to increase circulation which tones the muscles and nerves of the skin. It also improves lymphatic drainage and eases joint stiffness.

Begin at your feet brushing your way towards your heart. Brush the hands from fingertips , up the arms towards your shoulders. Keep your movements long, gentle and slow. 





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