July 12, 2022 @ 11:31 AM


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3 Ways We Unconsciously Block Our Intuition

How to Correct It



As we listen to our analytical brain throughout the day, without acknowledging the nudging of our intuition, our intuition diminishes. It becomes a tiny whisper until we begin to completely ignore this beautiful ability. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher said, "The primary wisdom is intuition." It is an important part of who we are. Without training, we can happen upon it occasionally, and when we follow our intuition we usually like the results. It is not just a theory. It is a part of our sensory experiences and considered our sixth sense. 

Learning to tap into our innate intuition on a daily basis takes a little practice. Removing the ways we unintentionally sabotage our psi abilities is an important step.


Carl Jung said, "Intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside of the province of reason." 

There are many ways we block our intuition throughout each day. It is a real natural ability and is not just random reasonings in our head. Facilities, such as The Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC, are dedicated to extensive legitimate research in the field of parapsychology.


Developing awareness of your psi abilities may require a little practice, a little coaching and a few successes. Recognizing those things or habits that are holding you back is a beneficial place to begin this journey of discovery. You will start to see the wisdom of using your intuitive abilities.


Have a Magical Day,

~ Patrina~








We hurry so much that we don't take time to listen to our inner voice, our intuition, I was once told by my Tai Chi sifu to slow myself down in relation to those around me. This was incredible advice that I learned to put into action.

* We need to slow down or just be still to hear our intuition.





We let our ego control us and insist on being in control of everything around us.


* The ego is threatened by the presence of your intuition.



 Power of Association



We continue to associate with people who don't believe in intuition or want to use it.


* Intuition is contagious. So is a lack of intuition. Develop like-minded associations.







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