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Summer Solstice Celebration

A Spiritual Event

Summer Solstice Celebration...The most enchanting  day of the year evokes magic and mystery. The Sun is at its most powerful and breathes life into the healing herbs and plants.


A Spiritual Event

The most enchanting day of the year evokes magic and mystery. The lovely Summer Solstice. The Sun is at its most powerful and breathes life into the healing herbs and plants. Its importance is recognized at this time, as all life forms require light and warmth. This spiritual event infuses the earth, in the northern hemisphere, with helio therapy; treatments by means of the Sun's electromagnetic rays. 


The word solstice derived from Latin, means "sun stands still." When I lived in Alaska, as a child and teen, I was mesmerized by the sun hanging in, what was referred to as, the midnight sun. The day felt like an eternity and we searched the wooded hills near our neighborhood for fairies and little  people.  I still look for the fairies and tiny people, even though I live in North Carolina and am sorta grown-up now. 


From this day forward, into the new season, the days get shorter and the nights get longer,with the promise of fall soon following. It is time to embrace the heat of summer as our colorful gardens grow and extend their blessings to us.  The gardens of summer may be something as simple as a favorite plant in your apartment or a full balcony filled with hanging baskets. I love to have my favorite "Spa Garden" filling my patio with rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano and hanging baskets of cucumber or summer squash. 


One of the most famous locations for gathering to watch the solstice sun rise is at Stonehenge    in Southern England.It's amazing to  be able to participate, through Live Broadcasts, in a ceremony that has been observed for more than 5,000  years.

Stonehenge has secrets that have never been shared such as who built it and why. It is still believed, by many, to have healing powers. The midsummer morning sun rises above what is called the Heal stone. 


The heal stone may refer to healing or helio, the sun itself, which we in the spa/salon call helio therapy.


Our ancient ancestors honored the Sun Gods, of their belief systems, during the Summer Solstice celebration. The planting season of Spring was complete and it was time to ask for blessings upon the fruits of their labor. Bonfires of gratitude and appreciation were an important part of the celebration. 

However, our labors are not confined to the growth of plants.They could be labors of love and creativity. Providing a nurturing home environment, writing, photographing, encouraging others, being an entrepreneur, or any creative endeavor you set your intentions on. Now is the time for continued growth and expansion.



The Summer Solstice Celebration was and is important to our survival as we  extend our sincerest gratitude in advance of the late summer crops and fall harvest that nourish our bodies. The colors red, orange and yellow are associated with the element of fire. They are the colors of the sun, warmth and reintegration.

Now is the time to activate your Root Chakra, Sacrel Plexus and Solar Plexus. Breathe fire into the course of action you want in your lifestyle.

Dance, drum, sing celebrate. Light a fire for your most treasured desires and honor your dream life with an action plan.







3 Ways To Celebrate Summer Solstice

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Your bonfire represents the warmth and life force of the sun. Whether you host a bonfire on the beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast (where I lived for a very long time), burn twigs in a chimenea on your back porch, or light a candle in the privacy of your own space, this celebration carries the same significance.

The fires have been used to promote goodwill among the community, as a purification ceremony to remove negativity or for protection of the crops, your expectations, intentions and dreams. 



Heliotherapy , using the positive effects of the sun. It has many benefits when used in moderation. Awaken early on Summer Solstice morning and step outside to bathe in the sunrise. Feel your part of the planet awaken as the sun rises while you become aware of your breath. Focus on the beauty of the morning beginning to stir inside of you as you continue to inhale the energy of the special day.




 Gather Flowers 

Gather flowers associated with Summer Solstice to use in arrangements or baths. Carnation, chamomile, cinquefoil, daisy, lavender, lily and sunflowers make beautiful arrangements to adorn your meditation space. Toss a few chamomile and lavender petals in your evening bath for a soothing way to end the longest day of the year. 


Have a Magically Happy Summer,

~ Patrina ~



Photography By: Steffanie Pinner of LensFlairStock

The Building of Stonehenge; Morgan Beard.



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