January 30, 2020 @ 4:29 PM

Candlemas Traditions

Preparing for Spring

Candlemas, first called  Imbolc, is celebrated as a Fire Festival encouraging the rebirth of the sun


The darkness of winter has required us to rest, to go within in order to restore ourselves. We emerge from the dark, at nature's pace,  anxiously watching for signs of spring from the plant kingdom. Our ancestors believed as the dark days shortened the sun was being reborn. 

Imbolc , also known as Candlemas, is celebrated as a Fire Festival encouraging the rebirth of the sun. It was a time to deep clean the home of the last remnants of Yule, honoring  the Celtic Goddess of Fire, Brigid, who ruled over the hearth and the home. There was a celebration of light in anticipation of the changing of the season.

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