December 8, 2020 @ 5:58 PM

Christmas Pumpkin DIY Decor



The candy theme for Christmas is so fun. One year I couldn't find anything large enough to use on my front porch for candy mints. So I sat on my porch looking at the fall decorations and the fairytale pumpkins seemed to whisper to me. Apparently they didn't want to be tossed into the woods and forgotten just yet. 

That lightbulb moment went off and I thought the flattened pumpkins adorning my front porch were just the right size. So I gathered some paint brushes, paint and peppermint oil, Twilight peppermint of course! 


* First I cleaned the cobwebs of Halloween and the dust of falling leaves off of the Fairytale pumpkins , the flat ones. 

* Next ......

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