August 1, 2022 @ 9:46 AM


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Happy Lammas

The First Harvest



Lammas is a celebration honoring the first of the three main Harvests of the year. It is usually observed on the first day of August in the Northern Hemisphere. We celebrate the fruits of our labor that were sewn in the Spring. Preciously planted seeds do not have to be strictly associated with agricultural crops. Seeds can be a metaphor for the intentions you set earlier in the year. These crops and intentions are manifesting or showing signs of manifesting now.


The first harvest is also known as Lughnasadh, named after the Celtic Sun God Lugh (pronounced Loo). It is recognized as being a sacred crop, with many names, in cultures all over the world.  The similarities in the festivals, that have been held for centuries, provide us an insight of the importance our ancestors placed on surviving the upcoming winter months.


There are common themes that each of the many cultural traditions share. Expressing gratitude was of the utmost importance to each community. Being halfway between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox we are still in the season of growth.  We open our thankful heart chakras to the abundance and beauty of our home, planet earth. Approaching the shorter days of reflection and rest we thankfully accept the crops and transitional mindset of the season.   






Celebrate With Bread

The word Lammas is translated as "loaf mass". The fresh baked bread made from the first crop of wheat was blessed. This is the beginning of the end of summer where the harvest of the wheat and grain was honored with baking barley cakes, star-shaped cakes, corn bread, flatbreads and whatever your imaginative mind can create. 



Plant Your Fall Intentions

Whether the gardens you are tending are spiritual, physical or both you still have time to make adjustments before the sun begins to fade into fall. With two more harvests approaching the time to plant for the future is now. Decide on the most important emotion you want to feel for the remainder of the year. Take tiny steps to achieve that goal and nurture yourself along the way just as you would your garden.

 3. Decorate Your Meditation Station


Decorate your designated sacred location to meditate with representations of the crops of Lammas. Sprigs of rosemary for protecting your memory, wheat stalks for gratitude, apples for your health and sunflowers for joy. Use your power of visualization to bring harmonious joy to your sacred space and entire home.


Happy Lammas,
~ Patrina











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