April 30, 2021 @ 4:00 PM

May Day Dew

Experience the Magical Morning Dew of  May Day/Beltane



May Day, also known as Beltane, is observed on the Eve of May and May 1st. It is a vibrant  time of the year to celebrate fertility and the return of the sun. There are  celebrations of fire and Merry Maypole dancing. My favorite is a Vintage Inspired Spa celebration gifted to us by the Fairy Kingdom. 


On the eve of Beltane the fairies join together and sprinkle a magical concoction over the plant kingdom. As the sun begins to rise on May 1st a glistening dew forms over all living plant matter. The dew awaits collection by those in knowledge of its mystical attributes. It is at its most powerful at the dawn of the first day of May but is believed to  continue to hold its restorative properties throughout the month.  

Women of all ages venture outside at Dawn to collect tiny droplets of May Day Dew to apply gently to their faces. This magical moisture is believed to have a rejuvenating action on the skin helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Those who are daring may even choose to engage their animal nature and roll around in the moist grass making sure to cover their entire bodies with this secret elixir. 

The use of May Dew was not just considered folklore. Physicians and Researchers have  documented the collection and uses of May Dew as far back as the 1500s.








What better rejuvenating nectar than a dab of Morning May Dew? Make sure your face is cleansed of any makeup and step outside at dawn. touch the droplets of dew and apply to your skin. It was used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Give thanks to Mother Nature and the Fairy realm for providing you this magical morning of Self-Care.  

It is also considered useful in healing acne and rosacea by washing your face with the dew morning and evening and allowing your skin to air dry.


General Aches and Pains


Perhaps the act of rolling around in the dew was to rid the body of muscle aches and pains. It was also used to help relieve back pain. The dew was added as a key ingredient in preparations for a multitude of physical ailments.


 Emotional Distress


Adding the May Dew to perfumes and body adornments helped to ease heart pain caused from emotional distress. It assists in comforting sorrow and anything that affects the physical and emotional heart. It's use can be advantageous in maintaining the Heart Chakra.






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Hieronymous Brunschwig’s Liber de arte distillandi de simplicibus, 1500 (Wikimedia)