April 20, 2019 @ 5:34 PM


We awaken to this season of creativity and vibrant life. Gently engage your spirit of spring senses by immersing yourself in the blooming colors that call to you. Your sense of smell is delighted by the enchanting  aromas of spring. Indulging in a peaceful, spiritual bath filled with the refreshing petals of this time of rebirth.

Thank you to LensFlairStock,etsy for our gorgeous photos.


The Spirit of Spring emerges with the promise of warmer days and colors of new beginnings.  The  Spring Equinox is a day of balance. This lovely day exists halfway between the Summer and Winter Solstice which brings a balance of light and dark.


It is a delightful time of year where our spirits are lifted and the promise of warmth and increased daylight arranges itself before us to enjoy. We wait, with excitement, the longer days that gently touch our faces with the bright warmth of joy from the sun.

Perennials awaken from their long winter slumber painting our landscapes with .........

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