November 9, 2020 @ 4:32 PM

Creating Your Gratitude Ritual

Spa Salon Gratitude


Gratitude journaling each day is a self-nurturing experience. The things you are grateful for in your life are  unique to you. They may be similar to someone else but experiences and perceptions belong to each individual. 

Our handwriting is also exclusive to each person. It is a reflection of your innermost thoughts. Writing 10 things you are grateful for each day is a type of moving meditation. I choose 10 things because it challenges my brain to search deeper within my subconscious. This allows more space to be creative in developing my lifestyle.

I once heard one of the band members in a Leonard Skynard interview say, "If you do something every day you get really good at it."  So, I practice handwriting in a gratitude journal every day. 


I prefer to call my practice of gratitude journaling a ritual instead of a routine. It seems to make my habit feel more like a sacred event. I looked up the antonym for ritual and one of the words was neglect. I definitely soooooo not want to neglect this beneficial ritual that brings me so much peace in my life.


Here in the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November. It is a wonderful holiday for being appreciative and grateful. This holiday has a way of expanding heart centered emotions. Emotions of compassion, empathy and love are all results of a thankful attitude.

The heart chakra resonates at a higher frequency when in a state of thankfulness. The result is an increase of enjoyable happenings in your life.

A daily Gratitude Ritual is a way to carry these pleasant emotions with you throughout the day, week and even your year.








 Building Your Sacred Space Energy

Choose a wonderful location for yourself that you can return to each day. Make sure you are there at approximately the same time each day. Each day the positive energy will increase in that area. Self-Nurturing energy begins to gather in this chosen location helping you to relax and be appreciative as soon as you settle in to write. 


This will be your Sacred Space for now. Eventually you may choose to have different locations according to the seasons. In the fall and spring I enjoy sitting outside. Whatever you choose, make sure it is enjoyable for you.



 Choose Your Tools

Creating Your Gratitude Ritual

Stella going through my new & used journals. She's a great
helper! Meow!!

There are so many wonderful tools that can complement your practice once you get started. But of course, you must have your basics.

1. A fun journal that you enjoy writing in

2. An amazing magical writing tool. ( ok a pen or pencil for now)

3. Really that's all for now...

Later You may want to add pens in different colors, crystals, essential oils, music, a tasty drink, candles, so much to choose from if you desire. These additions create more excitement and help you engage more of your senses. 




 Be Consistent 

The most beneficial rituals or routines are practiced at the same time each day. You may want to experiment with different times of day. When I first began, I wrote every morning as soon as I made my mocha. Years later I switched to right after snuggling up in bed in the winter months. This helped to put me in a positive state of mind as I drifted off to sleep. 

Choose the time of day or night that resonates with you. Having fun finding your unique pattern and turn your gratitude journaling into a passion! 



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