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6 Sensory Spa Therapies
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Your 6 Senses :
Therapies From The Spa Salon


Bring a "Peace" of the Spa into your lifestyle.

These blog topics are categorized according to your 6 senses.

They are compiled from integrative, alternative, intuitive  and complementary therapies associated with my 33 years work experience  in my  Salon/Dayspa  and my work as a Platform Artist/Educator for Arum Spa Systems of Armstrong McCall Professional Beatty Supply. 



Sense of Smell


Your Sense of smell is considered the strongest memory trigger.
 Essential oils can help with

  • Concentration
  • Inspiration
  • Uplifting Moods



Sense of Spirit

This section is the section that I share with you

  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Affirmations
  • Meditations & Prayers
  • Creating your Scred Space
  • Psychic & Intuitive Expereinces from my Studio
Sense of Sight

Color Therapy... Color speaks to us and has an effect on our emotions and state of being.



Gratitude and Your 6 Senses

The many benefits of practicing Gratitude Journaling.




Sense of Taste

Enjoy recipes developed in the studio using essential oils, herbs and organics.



Sense of Sound

 Your Sense of Sound also includes the sound of your own breath...










Sense Of Touch

Sense of Touch can be a form of physical or tactile communication. There is  field  of research called "HAPTICS". This includes the interactions of touch, hand movements and brain functions particularly associated with technology and computers.

Moonlight Folklore & Traditions

 Interesting, Fun facts and folklore about therapeutic uses of the cycles of the moon. From New Moon to Full Moon tips about your diet, gardening, crystals and even Spa/Salon treatments. 







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