February 4, 2023 @ 12:25 PM

Full Snow Moon




The Full Snow Moon allows us time for self-reflection. It is a transitional time between the cold winter and the return of Spring.

In many areas of the Northern Hemisphere, the snow covers the ground showing us an illusion of a sparkling warm comforter. Illusions can be confusing. So, use 
this moon to unveil your deepest desires. Determine what it is that brings you comfort in your life.

Imagine the sight of a glowing full moon floating in the evening sky, illuminating a snow-covered mountain, inspiring your heart to open up to your limitless possibilities. You become synchronized with this cycle of change in nature. The cold stillness of winter is shifting to Spring ever so slightly each moment. 

Identify the moments in your life that have caused gentle or harsh shifts to bring you to your present existence. Surrender to this seasonal transition. Accept with grace and confidence that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Connect with your higher self through meditation.

Set up a meditation station or sacred space with white fabric to represent snow. Add a tiny bouquet of yellow daffodils. Place a few pieces of selenite around you to keep your energy focused on all of the beautiful attributes you bring to planet Earth. Light a yellow or orange candle to welcome the return of warmer months.

Release any resentments that are holding you from experiencing peace in your heart.

The Snow Full Moon encourages you to embrace your own uniqueness.

Happy Full Snow Moon,



 Spiritual Healing Winter Bath

Many ancient cultures used the poser of the Moon Phases and Baths for healing. This bath formula is inspired by Author and Teacher Rosita Arvigo. I was blessed to have worked with (and learned from her) at the Spa Wellness trade shows.

What You Will Need

  • 1 or more of the following dried or fresh herbs or flowers: Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Oregano, Marigold flowers, Lemon Balm, Roses, Calendula, Lavender
  • 1Gallon of water in a pot
  • Bathtub (You can take a shower & rinse in the bath tea)


Boil herbs in the large post for five minutes and allow to steep for 1 hour.
Partially fill your bathtub with comfortably warm water

Pour herbal water into bathtub

Soak for 20-30 minutes

** I like to add a large clear quartz or 2 to amplify the intentions of the bath.





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