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July 10, 2024 @ 8:23 AM

Full Thunder Moon

July 22, 2024


"Photograph of a luminous Full Thunder Moon illuminating the night sky, casting a serene glow over a tranquil landscape. The image captures the moon's powerful energy and the beauty of nature under its light."


The enchanting Full Thunder Moon is a celestial wonder which occurs in the peak of summer. This moon holds deep ancestral, spiritual, and metaphysical meanings that have been cherished by cultures throughout history. We are able to tap into a collective consciousness that unites us with those who came before us by observing and celebrating this precious full moon.


Spiritual Aspects


This lovely moon of July acts as a catalyst for spiritual for awakening. We are invited to deepen our connection with the divine and explore our inner selves. You may want to engage in automatic writing or breath awareness (my favorites) during this time of heightened energy. In this moment, ......

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June 16, 2024 @ 7:28 AM

Strawberry Full Moon

Friday June 21,2024


Full Strawberry Moon Meditation


The luscious Full Strawberry Moon is the last full moon of the Spring season. Rose Moon and Honey Moon are among her other names. This is the time of harvest for the sweetest most romantic fruit of the summer. The shape of the strawberry encourages us to open our hearts to the passionate possibilities the universe holds in store for us. It is the time of accept abundance, in its many forms, into our life. This creative moon promotes a connection to your higher purpose.


The Strawberry moon is a time to focus on achieving your desires and making your dreams come true. Clear mental clutter and connect to your spirit guides by smudging with sweet Yerba Santa bundles. The ......

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May 22, 2024 @ 3:23 PM

2024 Full Flower Moon

Her Greatest Attributes



Happy Full Flower Moon to everyone!

The month of May displays an abundance of blooms and blossoms in a multitude of colors. Our lives are enhanced visually while gentle fragrances delight our moods. The full moon of May, known as The Full Flower Moon, encourages us to shine a light on the parts of our life we wish to honor. A path of beauty is welcoming us to grow spiritually in this colorful season of rebirth. We begin to replenish our bodies as we soak up the Vitamin D our brilliant sun has to offer us.


A new perspective is kindled through the fires of joy and patience, inspiring a passion for change. Embrace the invitation to explore the outdoors and connect .........

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April 4, 2023 @ 2:26 PM

Full Pink Moon 2023

The Wisdom of the Full Pink Moon



The luminous full moon in April shines gently over this colorful transition into Spring. In the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate this season of renewal with the Full Pink Moon of April. There are many stunning displays of pink from our plant kingdom, however, this moon is specifically named for the abundance of tiny pink phlox covering the land.

The Pink Full Moon joins her magic with phlox flowers to say goodbye to the winter while welcoming warmer brighter days.

The beauty of the phlox flowers is their ability to unite the heart with the soul by aligning the heart and crown chakras. The heart chakra holds the color vibrations of green with sparkling flashes ...

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March 13, 2023 @ 3:07 PM

Full Sugar Moon 2023

The Deeper Meaning of the Full Sugar Moon


The sweet Full Sugar Moon of March is the last full Moon of winter. The name gifted to this moon honors the harvest of the sap of the Maple trees.

The magical collaboration between the March full moon and the maple tree brings us to a point of balance and practicality. The maple tree is symbolic of abundance and success. 

Maple carries with it both feminine and masculine energies and is associated with the element of water. Bring in the energy of the West to assist you in cleansing and healing during meditation.

The winter will soon relinquish her reign to Spring. Signs of renewal are being seen in nature throughout the Northern ......

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February 4, 2023 @ 11:25 AM

Full Snow Moon




The Full Snow Moon allows us time for self-reflection. It is a transitional time between the cold winter and the return of Spring.

In many areas of the Northern Hemisphere, the snow covers the ground showing us an illusion of a sparkling warm comforter. Illusions can be confusing. So, use 
this moon to unveil your deepest desires. Determine what it is that brings you comfort in your life.

Imagine the sight of a glowing full moon floating in the evening sky, illuminating a snow-covered mountain, inspiring your heart to open up to your limitless possibilities. You become synchronized with this cycle of change in nature. The cold stillness of winter is shifting to Spring ever ......

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December 7, 2022 @ 3:23 PM

2022 Full Cold Moon

A Time of Reflection



Welcome to our final full moon of year. The Full Cold Moon is named after the season of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. We are beginning to feel the change of temperature in the weather, as we move into the coldest months of the year, January & February.

You may find yourself using this time to reminisce. It feels as though the past, present and future have gathered together to encourage inner reflection. Let your thoughts rest on everything you have accomplished in the past year. Glance briefly into your distant past and allow yourself to recognize events that brought you to this wonderful point in your life.


The December Cold Moon awaits your decisions ......

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November 8, 2022 @ 11:35 AM

Full Frost Moon of November




November's full moon, with its chill in the air, reminds us of the cold harsh months ahead. We celebrate this Full Frost Moon, also known as a Full Beaver Moon, during this eclipse season. It is the last total lunar eclipse until March 14, 2025.

Gathering together we express our sincerest appreciation for our modern conveniences that keep us sage and warm, We give thanks for the plentiful nourishing food available. 

Utilize this time to  prepare your homes for the winter months ahead. Energy clearing your home with smudge, spices or essential oils are spiritually uplifting and protective.

It is a time of release. Release from those energy blocks that ......

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August 9, 2022 @ 10:58 AM

Full Sturgeon Moon 2022

Our Last Supermoon of 2022

The last of our four supermoons in 2022 will rise in all her brilliance on Thursday August 11. Prepare yourself for her heightened emotions and the desire for dramatic changes.

This Supermoon is called the Full Sturgeon Moon. It is named after the Sturgeon fish living in the Great Lakes and in Lake Champlain as they were most readily caught during the full moon of August.


The Lake Sturgeon is often referred to as a " living fossil" since it can live up to 150 years. This strange looking fish can grow to the size of a small car. For me this full moon stands for longevity, expansion and survival.

The moon will be slightly closer to Earth making her appear larger ............

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June 29, 2022 @ 12:02 PM

Full Thunder Moon 2022




Each full moon was carefully named to keep track of the season in the regions where our ancestors resided.  The July moon, in the USA came to be known as the Thunder Moon due to the frequent thunderstorms during this time of the year.

In some areas it was also known as the Buck Moon which reference the shedding and regrowth of the male deer antlers.

The light of this full moon is perfect for you to discard those things, thoughts or old emotional wounds that keep you from your happiness. Shed them to make space for the clarity of new beginnings to shifting into your life.

For our precious moon sensitive souls, you may feel the intensity of this full thunder moon as it ............

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