December 7, 2022 @ 4:23 PM

2022 Full Cold Moon

A Time of Reflection



Welcome to our final full moon of year. The Full Cold Moon is named after the season of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. We are beginning to feel the change of temperature in the weather, as we move into the coldest months of the year, January & February.

You may find yourself using this time to reminisce. It feels as though the past, present and future have gathered together to encourage inner reflection. Let your thoughts rest on everything you have accomplished in the past year. Glance briefly into your distant past and allow yourself to recognize events that brought you to this wonderful point in your life.


The December Cold Moon awaits your decisions to release the blocks that are preventing you from achieving the intentions you have set for yourself. Will you use this 5th phase of the moon to create a new definition of your lifestyle? Begin by letting go of outdated emotional content. Determine the items or thought clutter that interferes with your peace.

I find the bare tree branches, with their many angles, to beautiful in the winter months. There is a stillness accompanying the dormant season allowing us the space to rest and rejuvenate.


The evergreens stay true to their name and send encouragement and the perseverance to flow through the harsh months ahead. They share with us the knowledge that things are not always as they appear to be.

Express your gratitude to bring your personal frequency to higher levels. 


Happy Full Cold Moon






 3 Ways to Celebrate the December Full Cold Moon



Decorate with Pine

Pine is emotionally uplifting and assists with deepening our breath. Our breath is used during meditation to strengthen our emotional connection to Spirit. This beautiful enduring tree is known for cleansing and clearing your space when using its branches to adorn your home or diffusing its essential oil into the air. 


Meditate with Evergreen Jasper

Meditating with the Evergreen Jasper resonates with Heart Chakra, keeping it aligned for your love to shine through in all you do.




 Write A List

Write a list of things that went well for you since the November Full Frost Moon. Be sure to acknowledge why they went well and decide and how it made your feel. Set a strategy for repeating the behaviors that brought you fulfillment.







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