February 2, 2018 @ 8:42 AM

The words we speak to ourselves out loud or in the privacy of our own minds have the ability to influence our moods. Our self talk can raise or lower our personal vibrational frequencies. Especially those words and phrases repeated on a regular basis. Words are powerful. 
Our bodies and minds listen to the emotional aspects of our self talk. Repeated thoughts or phrases eventually become habitual and transform themselves into beliefs. The power of the belief created is determined by the emotional content of the words and the length of time it has been repetitious. 
Do you ever find yourself saying the same phrase over and over again? And it's not even true anymore? Or maybe never was?
A really good friend of mine kept, jokingly, repeating the phrase " I can't have Nuthin'." Things around him kept breaking or getting lost, leaving him to repeat this truth, as he knew it, once again.
I gently looked at his reflection in my styling mirror as he, yet again, told  one of his stories of loss.
"Maybe you could change your mantra," I suggested. A face with a confused frown stared back at me. 
We talked a few minutes about the power of positive words and the power of negative words. How words connect to other thoughts and emotions and can have an impact on the pre-frontal lobe and the amygdala ( the fight or flight and anger part of the brain that is activated when using harsh words.)
Together we decided on his new mantra:
 " I have all I need and more."
Catching self-deprecating remarks can actually be fun when you have a friend or group of friends that help each other. Groups of us would gather in the Studio for various activities and if one of us would say something like "oh no. I'm so stupid" we all would say No Self-deprecating remarks and quickly follow by the statement "cancel, clear". Then follow that with saying something the opposite like " I am smart and am figuring this out". 
Research has shown that positive words can strengthen the frontal lobe in our brains that improve cognitive functioning. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for making rational decisions based on past experiences. 1Ruminating negative or fear based words can cause irrational behavior, symptoms of anxiety and depression. The book "Words Can Change Your Brain" by Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark Robert Waldman state that "using the right words can transform your reality." 
Choosing a word or affirmation for the New Year, the new month or even the new day is helpful in releasing any energy in the past that no longer serves a purpose in your life. That stuck emotional energy is associated with the your words emotional content and when you begin to use your new phrase or word or mantra, whatever you desire to name it, it replaces the space with a better disposition.
Focusing on your main theme or emotion and keeping it in front of you can help you stay on track. It can bring you back into alignment if you get distracted or discouraged.
Here a 3 tips to help you use the power of positive words for the rest of the year.
 How Would You Like To Feel ?
Sometimes  figuring out a theme word can be a little intimidating. This is a FUN THING! It really is. 
  • Make a list of adjectives that describe what you would like your dominant emotion to be for the rest of the year.  This can also be a phrase or mantra.
  • If you have a ruminating thought or recurring thought you would like to replace identify it and create an alternate positive one.
If you get stuck here we'll send you a list of words created by our FB Group and my Salon clients. 
What A The Results Of Feeling Fantastic ?
Changing your words can help you make better decisions and help with mental clarity. It can also help alleviate fear based panic attacks. The impact of changing your words and the way you speak to yourself has a cumulative effect. Imagine your LIFE at the end of this year after practicing and really focusing on bringing more peacefully into your life.  Now WRITE IT in your journal or a letter to yourself. Keep it in a safe place until the end of year where you can review your progress.
Use Your Spacific Toolkit 
Inhaled Essential oils can cross the so called blood-brain barrier. When inhaled scent receptor cells transmit impulses to the limbic part of the brain which trigger neurochemicals and endorphins that , depending on the essential oil, can calm, relax, or balance our emotions.
Essential Oils that help with promoting a balanced and joyful outlook. Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, Eucalyptus ( reduces anger)
Crystals Yellow calcite, Lemon quartz, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz
Gratitude Journal Focusing on the world from a place of gratitude and appreciation helps balance your emotions and restore a positive outlook.
1. The Role of Repetitive Negative Thoughts in the Vulnerability for Emotional Problems in Non-Clinical Children.