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Thursday, January 11, 2024

08:00 PM  
Intuitive Awareness Meeting

Intuitive Awareness Meeting 

Spacifically Inspired Members Only At The Present Time

8:00PM Eastern...7:00PM Central...5:00PM Pacific



You're invited to join us as we share our extraordinary psi experiences with each other in a private video chat room. Share your intuitive, psychic and synchronistic experiences in a virtual supportive group setting. This is not a group reading but a place of encouragement and sharing as your spiritual gifts expand and develop. This meeting is not recorded for playback.


We respectfully come together each month to share our experiences with unusual or inexplicable events in our daily lives. This is sometimes referred to as psi.


Psi abilities and experiences are considered unique and out of the ordinary. They can include synchronicity, precognitive events, informative dreams, angelic encounters, energy healing, environmental empathy, power of prayer and much much more.


They may be a one time experience that can leave one feeling surreal with no safe place or people to share this information with. Or they may be a part of your everyday life.

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  1. We Welcome you and ask each person to introduce themselves briefly.
  2. There is usually someone excited to share, so we take turns sharing an experience. These topics do not have to be similar. Occasionally the meeting will take  on what I refer to as Group Dynamic where a theme seems to appear but it is not expected to stay within that theme. 

    Sometimes we may post a theme in advance for a place to begin but it is not necessary to stay within that theme.

  3. We do not go into deep discussions or analyze experiences.
  4. We take turns speaking and wait until someone is finished before taking our turn
  5. We end the meeting with 5 minutes of silent meditation.