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 Crystals For Anxiety

Most people will  experience anxiety at some level throughout their lives. Unfortunately, I have noticed  it is more prevalent among my clients and friends during this current day and age than in the past. I have had a high amount of calls asking for suggestions about complementary  modalities to ease stress levels. 


There are many forms of anxiety disorders. It can make it difficult to concentrate or be present in the moment. Intrusive, unfavorable "thought storms" divert your attention from happiness and even awaken you at night. It can paralyze people from going out in the world and living their best life. 

Fortunately, there are many natural ways to help reduce anxiety. One potentially powerful modality is through incorporating crystal therapy into your daily routines. Crystals have been used by civilizations for centuries. They harness powerful vibrations and energy fields to help calm your nerves. 

Each crystal holds their own frequencies and work in different ways to comfort and support those in need.
  There are many different techniques that can be used to access their benefits. Among  their many qualities are their multitude of colors available, which brings the art of color therapy into your life. 

They can simply be held in your hand during meditation or breathwork. Or you may want to create something more elaborate such as a meditation station or altar.

Whether you keep your home-spa-treatment simple or elaborate enjoy the company of your crystal companions.




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Three Crystals To Calm Anxiety 




Escape into a more peaceful state of being with the soothing Lepidolite.  When lepidolite whispers softly to you it will help you see your situation from a higher perspective. It resonates with crown chakra helping you to connect with the higher spiritual realm. This lovely sparkling stone helps you to understand the higher reason to your situation which helps brings you peace of mind. 

Lepidolite is mined for its  lithium which is used in medications to help alleviate depression. This is a powerful stone and is not to be used in water.



Known as the stone of peace, amethyst has balancing and relaxing effects. It is a powerful crystal for  cleansing negative energy including anxiety. Amethyst is also considered a protective stone that works well for releasing irrational thoughts that can cause anxiety.




Sodalite is used to strengthen your resolve  to live authentically. It brings harmony and peace into a present situation allowing us the space to feel truly at ease with ourselves. Being  comfortable with who and how we are creates an empowered state to combat anxiety. With less insecurity and doubt you will certainly experience a decrease in anxiety as well.





Hey There Spa Beauties!

Would you like to have  a more peaceful perspective in your lifestyle?  Learn how to use spiritual spa enhancements to bring you to a place of overall wellness and balance. 

"Spacifically Inspired Members" began as a monthly Full Moon Meditation for my fabulous salon clients.

It was a time to gather together in order to celebrate each month by learning how to integrate the use of crystals, essential oils and meditative techniques into our lives.


This is now a virtual event!