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I was first drawn to the carnelian while shopping for crystals to incorporate with facial treatments. The relaxing facials were enhanced when I introduced my clients to this energy boosting yummy bright orange stone. The properties of this gorgeous stone helps you to relax enough to re-direct your thoughts in a productive direction.

Just the vibrant color will make you smile. And a smile has an energy boosting effect itself. My facial mists were made in-salon and infused with the frequencies of tiny carnelians. Their simple presence in the treatment room seemed to lift everyone's spirit.

I always keep one close by to help clear my mind when faced with too many decisions. 




This translucent, glassy stone was worn by Ancient Warriors around their neck for courage and physical power. It has a protective force for your personal well being as well as your home or workplace.





The Sacral Plexus Chakra is energized, while clearing frustration so that your creativity can flow. It is a stone vibrating with enthusiasm and passion. If you are stuck in a space without the energy to move forward use carnelian

When you have mental clarity and focus you become filled with charisma. As this stone helps you identify the obstacles that are in the way of your happiness you begin to relax. When in a relaxed confident state your intuition begins to flow. I was once told not to confuse arrogance with confidence. Confidence enhances charisma. 




Carnelian is considered a  caffeine boost in the crystal world. When you are beginning to feel a little (or a lot) overwhelmed it's time to add a few carnelians to your desk décor. 


Carnelian is a quartz with a hardness of 6.5-7. It has been use for protection throughout history. The Sacral Plexus Chakra is energized, while clearing frustration so that your creativity can flow. It is a stone vibrating with enthusiasm and passion. If you are stuck in a space without the energy to move forward use carnelian. 






Carnelian is one of the most popular crystals in our studio. For me, the Carnelian is all about charisma. Clearing any distractions, doubts and fears that interfere with your success. It gives you the courage and stamina to bring your creative thoughts into reality.





The vibrant carnelian resonates well with Sweet Orange Oil (citrus sinensis). They both help balance any nervousness or frustration allowing your creative work to flow unhindered.

It seems counter-intuitive that carnelian and orange, with their energizing effects, have the ability to soothe and calm. Calm emotional states allow space for creativity to flourish and rest is necessary to restore the body and balance the chi associated with the sacral plexus.

Diffusing a blend of Orange oil and Lavender oil into a treatment room during services creates a safe protective state to relax and rejuvenate the senses. Placing a carnelian  nearby helps clear the mind of worry and doubt. Combined they lift the spirits and help diminish depression



Have fun with however you choose to work with your enchanting carnelian!
Take Care & Be Well,
~ Patrina ~





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