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Rhodochrosite resonates with the Heart as well as the root chakra. Most people associate the stone with the heart chakra because of the comforting pink tones.



Rhodochrosite is such a sweet stone. It reminds me of my sweet Stella rescue kitty. She is always patient. The comfort of her purring is soothing to my stressed out soul. If only we could hear the resonant sound of this precious stone it would be a purr. 



Legend claims that a heart-shaped Rhodochrosite boulder deep in a cave beneath the Andes Mountains is the heart of Mother Earth. It is believed that this heart beats once every two thousand years.

An Incan ruler named Inca Ricac (also called Viracocha) was credited with the discovery of this vibrant red stone in the 13th century in Argentina. It was considered sacred to the people who thought it was the solidified blood of their ancestral Kings and Queens.

Rhodochrosite is associated with both physical and emotional healing of the heart. It was believed to increase circulation and boost the immune system. It  is a  manganese carbonate. Manganese from food sources have many benefits such as helping to detoxify the body. Interesting that the rhodochrosite stone is believed to help purify the blood. 




Rhodochrosite resonates with the Heart as well as the root chakra. Most people associate the stone with the heart chakra because of the comforting pink tones. However in its highest and the most rare form of the stone is bright red matching the frequencies of the root Chakra for grounding.

During a facial, which this stone is healing for skin irritations, I would place this stone on the heart chakra. When the heart calms, the face muscles tend to more easily relax.

It is a beautiful stone to use during detoxifying herbal body wraps. Here is simply placed next to the client during the 20 minute wrap. It can also be placed next to the container holding the herbs to indirectly infuse its magic into the concoction. A large drawstring tea bag is filled with the herbs and then placed in the hydrocollator to steam the wrap sheets. 



Use rose petals in your bath  that have been sitting with rhodochrosite to soften your views on harsh life experiences. It is not recommended to add rhodochrosite directly to the bath water or for gem elixirs due to its iron content. But you can use an indirect method of infusing by setting the rhodochrosite outside of the containers to infuse its powerful messages of peace, self-love and compassion.

Enjoy the energy of your stone as it continually reminds you how wonderful you are!

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Three Ways To Use

During Meditation hold a palmstone in you hand and focus on everything lovable about yourself. Use this flow of energy to find in it your heart to be forgiving of harsh words you may have spoken to yourself. Tell your body how much you appreciate its dedication to you. Receive the self-nuturing power of compassion towards yourself.

Use indirect infusing to create you "Moon Water". During a Full Moon place a jar or pitcher of spring or filtered water in direct moonlight. Place a circle of rhodochrosite around your container of water. Set your intentions and say a prayer to treat yourself with more kindness. 


Place on your desk or workspace to remind you that you to speak kind words to yourself.





Hey There Spa Beauties!

Would you like to have  a more peaceful perspective in your lifestyle?  Learn how to use spiritual spa enhancements to bring you to a place of overall wellness and balance. 

"Spacifically Inspired Members" began as a monthly Full Moon Meditation for my fabulous salon clients.

It was a time to gather together in order to celebrate each month by learning how to integrate the use of crystals, essential oils and meditative techniques into our lives.


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