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There are some amazing vintage inspired therapies to help you sleep. One of my favorites is Crystal Therapy. For centuries crystals and stones have been used to promote peaceful feelings.


Exhausted, you lay your head on you pillow. Snuggling under your covers and closing your eyes as your body anticipates a rejuvenating sleep. Suddenly your brain awakens and wants to have a discussion. 



"Just one more thought," your brain whispers to you. Oh great! The thoughts just keep coming!

During this time on planet Earth,  the stress caused from uncertainty can be the culprit of restless and sleepless nights. When external events have taken us to a place where we believe we have no control we can take this opportunity to explore those things we can control. Our knowledge and use of alternative therapies  can  take us to a place of peaceful 

Some people think that using crystals to help you sleep sounds a little crazy.I believe that there are untapped resources on our precious Planet Earth that we could take into consideration to use as an alternative or complementary therapy. In this case it is called Crystal Therapy.

There are some amazing vintage inspired therapies to help you sleep. One of my favorites is Crystal Therapy. For centuries crystals and stones have been used to promote peaceful feelings. They are believed to vibrate at frequencies that can be attuned to your needs to combat insomnia.

Including them in your evening prayer, meditation ritual, soothing bath or EFT (Tapping) enhances your experience of calming yourself before bedtime. 

Their vibrations will emit themselves throughout your room when placed on a nightstand.


Slip a small stone into your pillowcase knowing that it is there to improve your rejuvenating sleep time. Or you may want to place a selenite wand under your mattress. I prefer to hold that gorgeous selenite in my hands before drifting off to sleep.

You might even consider creating a tiny crystal grid to keep at your bedside. Fill the grids with positive intentions and restful crystals to continually calm your body and mind. 





1. Amethyst

This gorgeous majestic crystal is used for its calming soothing influence on your emotions. When you require peaceful sleep with lovely dreams this is your "go-to" crystal. 


2.  Moonstone - This opalescent feldspar is , of course, associated with all things Moon. It is a gentle protector that invites pleasant dreams while helping you sleep. I find this helpful for those of us who are "Moon Cycle Sensitive".


3. Peridot - Ancient civilizations protected themselves from night terrors by crafting peridot in gold. This was considered a talisman against others thinking and sending harmful thoughts or psychic attack. Sleep well with peridot by your bed.


4. Selenite 

This  Luminescent stone shares its name with Selene, the Goddess of the Moon. It clears a room of negativity energy without even putting forth an effort. The gentle light of the selenite seems to have captured moonbeams to disburse throughout your dreams.


5. Sodalite 


Known as the stone of Peaceful Sleep  this beauty resonates with the 6th Chakra or 3rd Eye point. It helps to banish nightmares and instills creative inspiration. 


As tone of protection and peace helps increase astral visions and helps halt nightmares.



Wishing you a peaceful night's sleep!

~ Patrina ~


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 Four Ways To Use

1. Tuck your favorite crystal or set of crystals inside the corner of your pillowcast

2. Set your chosen crystal on your nightstand or create a crystal grid to set on your nightstand.

3. Put your crystals in between your mattress and boxspring.

4. Take a nice warm bath and add your crystal ( but not your selenite) to your bath water with about 5 drops of lavender. Just remember that Selenite is a soft, water soluble stone and not suitable for baths. 




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