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Katrina +10 - During and After

10 years later, the devastation is still haunting, but the recovery has been inspiring! #MSKatrina10

Posted by Mississippi Power on Thursday, August 27, 2015

We sat glistening by the light of battery operated lanterns in the stillness of our darkest night.  Our hands were  positioned  on the black card table which was placed at the end of our-cul-de-sac in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  Our household and personal possessions, soaked and stinking from storm-surge water, surrounded us.

The stench of rotting animal corpses overwhelmed our olfactory systems.  We hoped the smell was not human.

We respectfully sat in meditation and prayer asking for help and reassurance that we would recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. What little we knew of the catastrophe  was from battery operated radios and word of mouth. Our phones still did not work. Our power was still out and our gasoline was used sparingly.

The smell of mold also prevented us from breathing too deeply into our meditation. Without the power of the breath calming our minds we focused on the sounds of nothing. No planes, no trains, no traffic after curfew, no creature sounds from the woods and bayou.

Wisps of hair framing my daughter's face began to move in the still night. We felt a chilled breeze but there was no movement or sound of leaves.

" Your hair is moving like the wind is…" one of us spoke as all of us began to feel  the movement of our hair.

The leaves remained still. We sat in faith waiting for  signs of divine presence in this chaos.The breeze became very cool in the heat of the September night causing us to shiver.Wait. A smell accompanied the breeze.

"Do you smell ?"

"Yes," we instantly replied.

We wanted to cry. But refused. The congestion would stop our sinuses from receiving this aromatic message. We sat in a state of unusual quiet deeply inhaling the fragrant message. The smell of pumpkin pies, cinnamon apples, turkey baking in the oven. The sacred scented breeze of the holidays. My cranberry relish  and fresh baked breads. For 5 glorious minutes we were transported to the future through the gift of Clairaliance. We smelled our future. And it was scented with hope.

The breeze and the aromas stopped in unison and repeated thank you, thank you, thank you. Someday soon we will be ok.We offered prayers of gratitude. Thank you for the cool scented breeze and thank you for the reassurance. We allowed a couple of tears and sat in awe. The angels would hold sacred space for us and the Divine Energy of God would give us the strength to face our new future.  

Ten years later  I am still in awe of this event and I had written this affirmation in my gratitude journal following the event:

May we walk in synchronicity with the Divine mind and may wisdom , acceptance courage and love be our guides.



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